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    Slow internet is a productivity killer when completing assignments or official tasks.

    Continuously lagging off the internet can make your work day a waste. But you can check your internet connection during this stressful time by conducting an internet speed test.

    If you're experiencing issues with your Broadband Act Fibernet internet speeds or connections, the Speed Test can help you solve the slow internet problem by giving you speed status.

    The Speedchecker's Speed Test Act Fibernet is incredibly quick and instantaneously provides results. However, if you're curious about the test and how to optimize your internet speed, read on for more tips.

    Act Fibernet Broadband: A Quick Background

    There are a lot of internet service providers in India to offer their services. Some of the big names include Bsnl and Jio.

    Act Fibernet is also an Internet service provider in India that provides high-speed broadband services. The company was founded in the year 2000 and is headquartered in Hyderabad. As of March 2017, the company had a customer base of 1.1 million subscribers.

    The company offers various broadband plans ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. It is one of the best and most affordable broadband providers in India.

    It offers high-speed internet at very reasonable prices, making it an excellent option for those who want to stay connected without spending too much money.

    Act Fibernet also has several value-added services that make it an even better deal, such as free online gaming, free movie and TV streaming, and more.

    Act Fibernet Speed Test: Everything You Need to Know

    Internet speed test tools are available to measure the speed of your connection. Like in India, if you are on a Bsnl connection, you can use the BSNL broadband speed test. Similarly, if your connection provider is Jio, you can utilize the Jio fiber speed test to test your speed. Speed test Act tool also measures the speed at which files download or upload from a server, and it can be used to test the speed of ACT internet connection, including broadband, DSL, and cable.

    The Act speed test connects with the server to identify the potential of your internet connection. The Act speed test measures ping and jitter, along with download and upload speed measurements. So, now let's discuss the tests briefly. 

    Download Speed Test:

    Downloading a sample file, you can now get an idea of how fast your connection is. The Speedchecker download speed test is followed by connecting your device to the nearest testing server.

    Then the Act internet speed test downloads small data pieces (sample files or media) and keeps track of time in seconds until the download procedure completes. This ensures accurate results are produced by the speed test Act tool.

    Upload Speed Test:

    The upload speed test measures how quickly you can send files on your device. The Act Fibernet speed test records each time this procedure occurs so that your internet connection's overall uploading speed may be calculated.

    This gives you a fair idea about your internet connection. However, don't get confused if your results show a lower upload speed because the Mbps of download internet speed is relatively greater than uploading.


    Ping uses IP networks to test whether a given host can be reached and to measure the round-trip time between the originating and destination hosts.

    It identifies the quality of your internet connection by sending signals to verify whether or not a host is available and measures response time in milliseconds.


    If you have problems like slow loading of movies or voice communications failing to go through, your internet connection may suffer from jitters.

    Jitter shows delays in transferring data packets across the respective network that cause your device to receive information more slowly from the website host.

    Consequently, it can happen when your internet connection is interrupted or weak due to increased traffic. Therefore similar to ping jitter measures the qualitative aspects of your internet connection.

    How to Check Act Fibernet Speed?

    You're an Act Fibernet customer and probably have noticed that internet speeds have slowed over time.

    This is because as more and more people use the internet, the available bandwidth gets used up.

    But you can instantly check your internet speed using the speedtest Act. Simply follow the mentioned steps; 

    • Check to see if any other internet-connected programs are running in the background. Close all your browser's tabs, open the Act Speed Test page in a new tab.
    • When you first visit the speedchecker page, you'll see a "GO" button in the middle of the screen.
    • After that, click the button to have the speedtest Act evaluate your internet connection's capability. At the bottom of the "GO" button, you'll find four distinct symbols of ping, jitter, download, and upload speed tests.
    • The Act speed test will test various aspects of your internet connection, such as jitter, ping, download, and upload speeds, and display final results within a few seconds.

    How to Improve Your Internet Speed?

    You can follow the mentioned ways to boost your internet speed.

    1. Internet Connection Type

    Check your internet connection type, whether you are using wired or wireless. Consequently, if you're using a wired connection, check if the cables are plugged in correctly and securely.

    If you're using a wireless connection, ensure that the router is turned on and that there's no interference from other devices.

    2. Close Unused Tabs and Programs

    One of the most common causes of slow internet speeds is having too many tabs or programs open simultaneously.

    When multiple tabs and programs are open, your computer has to work harder to switch between them, slowing down your internet connection.

    Close any tabs and programs you're not using to improve your internet speed.

    3. Disable Unnecessary Plugins

    Many internet browsers have various plugins and add-ons, such as Flash players, ad blockers, and privacy extensions.

    While these can be useful, they can also slow down your browser and internet connection. If you don't need a plugin or add-on, disable it to improve your internet speed.

    4. Change Your DNS Settings

    DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that converts website addresses into IP addresses, which are then used to connect to websites.

    If your DNS settings are incorrect, it can cause slow internet speeds. Contact your internet service provider or router manufacturer to change your DNS settings.

    5. Flush Your DNS Cache

    DNS caching is a process where DNS data is stored on your computer so that it can be accessed quickly. Over time, the DNS cache can become outdated and cause slow internet speeds.

    To fix this, you can flush your DNS cache, clearing the stored DNS data and allowing your computer to fetch the most up-to-date DNS information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I check my act speed?

    You can check your Act speed using an Act speed test tool. To do this, you can open the speedtest Act tool page and click the "Go" button. The tool will start the process and show you the results within a few seconds. Once the test is completed, you can learn your upload and download speeds.

    What is the top speed of Act?

    The speed of the Act may vary from area to area and depends on other factors like your distance from the connection and the number of users connected to the connection. However, the Act fiber network can offer a maximum speed of 1 Gbps.

    Why is my Act Fibernet slow?

    Your Act fiber speed may slow down due to various reasons. If a large number of devices are connected, and if you are using the connection from a distance, you can face slow-speed issues. To fix this issue, disconnect the other devices, restart your modem, and come closer to the connection.

    Is ACT 4G or 5G?

    ACT is not a mobile network service provider and does not offer 4G or 5G services.

    Is ACT fibernet fast?

    ACT Fibernet provides really fast and dependable internet that works great for both homes and businesses. Act provides different types of internet packages, you can subscribe to the package according to your need and requirements.

    Wrapping Up

    By the end of this article, we hope you have understood the Act Fibernet speed test and how you can easily use its findings to improve your internet potential. Otherwise, you can check and apply various ways to enhance your internet speed.

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