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  • Hathway Speed Test

    The Internet is a vital component of today's society, and experiencing a bad Internet connection can be stressful. Especially when you have to submit important files and documents or live streams, slow internet signals add salt to the wounds, right?

    Conducting an internet speed test is the best way to check your connection and ensure you're receiving the right internet speed you're paying for. And the most reliable method to test your speed is an online speed test.

    Hathway speed test lets you track your internet connection and service issues without worrying about disruptions or delays. It makes it simple to handle disrupted and slow internet connections by providing a free and simple way to check the status of your broadband services and connection difficulties.

    With the Speedchecker Hathway Speed Test tool, you can determine the main core of slow internet in seconds. Let's explore how you can take a speed test on Hathway and improve your internet speed.

    Hathway: A Quick Overview

    There are many internet service providers in India. Some of the well-known names include BSNL, Jio, and Tata. Hathway is also one of the leading telecommunications companies based in India. It provides digital voice, cable television, and broadband internet services.

    Hathway is a well-known brand in India, operating in many major cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.

    What is the Speed Test Hathway?

    Speedtest by Hathway is easy to determine how fast your internet connection is. Testing near the server for downloading and uploading sample data files is required to use it. After the test, you can see maximum downloading/uploading speeds and any factors affecting signal strength.

    In addition to the Hathway speed test, you can use our BSNL speed test and Jio speed test if you use the Bsnl and Jio connections in India.

    Four Basic Statistics of Your Internet Connection

    Hathway speed test is not only accurate, but it also provides explanations for the four basic statistics of your internet connection results. Consequently, we have discussed the four major components, so you can fully understand the speeds and how to solve any potential problems.

    Download Speed Test

    The Hathway broadband speed test works by connecting with a testing server in the area and downloading small pieces of data. These data packets are then sent over either WiFi or cellular networks to be delivered quickly to check your device's processor speeds. The speed test Hathway records the process's length once all the sample files have been downloaded.

    Upload Speed Test

    The upload speed test is nearly identical to the download speed test but works the opposite. Rather than testing how quickly you can receive files on your device, it measures how quickly you can send them. The Hathway internet speed test records each time this procedure occurs so that your internet connection's overall uploading speed may be calculated.


    The ping is used to determine the status of your Hathway internet connection. In this case, a signal is sent out from your computer to the destination server, that is, the testing server, to check its availability. A low number means there could be issues with your internet connection.


    Jitter is the time it takes for a data packet to travel from your device to its intended host. Therefore, you have a weak internet connection if your data takes anywhere from 50 milliseconds to 2 minutes to load.

    3 Steps To Take Speedtest by Hathway

    To check Hathway speed, go to the site and then follow the mentioned steps.

    1. Click on the "GO" button, which you will find in the center of the Hathway speed test tool page.
    2. Wait for loading, as the speed test tool will run to measure jitter, ping, download, and upload speeds.
    3. After loading, you'll find authentic, accurate, and quick results. And then, you can compare them to solve the problem.

    How to Make Your Internet Work Faster?

    If you want to improve your internet speed, check a few things. And after taking the Hathway Internet Speed Test, if you follow these tips below, you will see an improvement in your internet speed.

    1. Power off Your Wireless Gateway:

    To see if your internet speed is better, restart your modem/wireless gateway and router. You can eliminate glitches by lowering your internet speed by cutting the power off and back on again.

    2. Change Your WiFi Band:

    Between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, you'll need to determine the correct WiFi frequency band for your home network. As interferences in the frequency band occur occasionally, change your WiFi frequency to another band and reset it to improve your internet speed.

    3. Ideal Location For Your Router:

    If your router is close to windows, walls or installed out of your house, the internet signals from your broadband will be interrupted and may not reach your devices as effectively. So, place your router in the middle of your house where all your gadgets, appliances, and devices can access the internet equally.

    4. Check Your Router's Antenna Direction:

    If your router has outward-facing antennas, experiment with different angles to see whether you can get better internet connections. Trying the vertical to the horizontal direction, you can find the right angle to which you can access the internet from your desired room.

    5. Install WiFi Boosters:

    Extenders such as mesh WiFi systems, wireless access points, and power line extenders are just a few options for extending your network's capacity. These expand the range of your network, allowing you to connect to the internet at faster speeds.

    6. Remove Unnecessary Devices:

    You might have heard this one before. So, make sure your unnecessary devices are not connected to WiFi.

    7. Check The Speed of Your Internet Package:

    If nothing seems to work, you need to check if your existing internet package has greater Mbps or not. So, if you buy an 8Mbps connection, your online experience will be slower than if you spend more money on a faster connection (e.g., 12 Mbps or more).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you do the Hathway speed test?

    To do a hathway speed test, open the hathway speed test tool page. You can click on the "Go" button on the tool page to start the test. Within a few seconds, the tool can show you the results. Using the hathway speedtest tool, you can check your download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter values.

    How can I increase my Hathway router speed?

    You can take some actions to increase your Hathway router speed. Check the cable of your connection; if there is any fault, fix it. Restarting your router can also increase the speed of your connection. Minimize the number of connected devices to the router to enhance its speed.

    How to increase the speed of Hathway broadband?

    There are few points for improve Hathway internet speed given below:

    • Ensure your router is placed optimally
    • Use a wired connection when possible
    • Upgrading your plan for faster speeds
    • Update router software
    • Change router password after one month

    What is the highest speed of Hathway broadband?

    The highest speed offered by Hathway vary by location, but they typically provide different packages with different speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps or higher by using Fiber MAX Technology.

    What is the speed of Hathway WIFI?

    The speed of Hathway Wi-Fi depends on the plan you choose, the location you are in, and the time of day you use it day or night.

    How good is 100 Mbps Hathway internet?

    Hathway's 100 Mbps internet is fast and dependable. It's perfect for streaming, playing games, and using lots of devices at the same time. If you want really fast internet at home, this is a great choice.

    Wrapping Up

    Having discussed the Hathway Speed Test and various factors influencing internet speeds, we hope you have a hand full of information. You can quickly and efficiently take a speed test Hathway by following the above-mentioned steps. And don't forget to try tips to boost your internet speed immediately.

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